Jewelry Casting Services

Empire Casting House, New York’s premier full-service finished jewelry manufacturer, proudly offers expert casting services to bring your unique jewelry designs to life. From intricate engagement rings to statement pendants, our skilled artisans utilize cutting-edge technology and time-honored techniques to deliver exceptional results.

What is casting process?

Casting is the process of transforming a design into a physical piece of jewelry using molten metal. We employ a range of casting methods, including:

      • Lost-wax casting: This traditional method utilizes a wax model of your design, which is then encased in a mold. Molten metal replaces the wax, creating a precise replica.
      • Centrifugal casting: This method forces molten metal into the mold under high pressure, ensuring exceptional detail and strength.
      • Vacuum casting: This advanced technique removes air bubbles from the molten metal, resulting in flawless castings with a smooth surface finish.

Why choose Empire Casting House for your casting needs?

      • Unmatched expertise: Our team boasts decades of experience in all aspects of casting, ensuring the highest quality and meticulous attention to detail.
      • Wide range of materials: We work with a variety of precious metals, including platinum, gold and silver, to meet your specific requirements.
      • Advanced technology: We utilize state-of-the-art equipment for precise casting and efficient production.
      • Quality control: Every piece undergoes rigorous inspection to guarantee it meets our exacting standards.
      • Dedicated customer service: We are committed to working closely with you throughout the casting process, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Our casting services include:

  • Expert consultation: We collaborate with you to understand your vision and recommend the most suitable casting method for your design.
  • 3D CAD design: We create accurate digital models of your design, allowing for precise mold creation and visualization.
  • Mold making: Our skilled technicians craft high-quality molds that capture every detail of your design.
  • Metal melting and pouring: We utilize specialized equipment to melt and pour molten metal with precision and safety.
  • Finishing and polishing: We bring your piece to life with meticulous finishing and polishing techniques.

Ready to bring your jewelry designs to life?

Contact Empire Casting House today to discuss your specific needs and discover how our expert casting services can help you create exceptional jewelry pieces that your customers will love.