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About Empire


Empire Casting House™ (ECH) stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of jewelry manufacturing. Our legacy is rooted in the heart of the renowned Diamond District in New York City, built upon a foundation of over two decades of unparalleled experience. For us, jewelry is more than just craftsmanship; it is a cherished family tradition and a profound passion that propels our company forward.

At Empire Casting House™, we specialize in crafting custom, high-quality jewelry that transforms ideas into tangible treasures. Whether it‘s bringing a single piece to life or developing an entire product line, we are your trusted manufacturing partner.

Our commitment to precision and quality is unwavering. We harness state-of-the-art technology to create jewelry that is not only precise but possesses a distinct character of its own, as each piece is meticulously hand-crafted. We go beyond production; we understand, advise, and support our clients to enhance sales through retailer-focused customer service and on-time deliveries.


Customized Excellence: Empire Casting House specializes in crafting high-quality jewelry, turning your vision into reality.

Versatility: We are a manufacturing powerhouse capable of creating a single exquisite piece or an entire product line tailored to your needs.

Precision and Artistry: ECH utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure the utmost precision and accuracy in every piece, with each item exuding its unique charm through hand-craftsmanship.

Retailer-Centric Support: We don‘t just create jewelry; we collaborate with and support our clients, offering retailer-focused customer service and timely deliveries to boost sales.

Empire Casting House proudly guarantees that every piece is hand-crafted in the heart of New York City, using environmentally friendly metals and conflict-free stones. With access to a substantial inventory of diamonds in various sizes, qualities, and price points, we are committed to providing our retailers with the best-suited diamond options.

Our dedication to your satisfaction drives us. Empire Casting House appreciates your business and promises to uphold the highest standards of quality, service, and overall experience.


Empire Casting House™