Women’s Wedding Bands Catalog

As a leading provider of meticulously designed and crafted wedding bands, Empire Casting House invites you to embark on a journey through our comprehensive catalog. We take immense pride in offering a vast array of ready-made ring models, specifically designed for jewelers to order with ease.

Exquisite Designs, Ready for Production

Our catalog features a stunning selection of 3D-designed wedding bands, prepared for immediate wax making and casting. This meticulous process ensures that the highest quality and intricate detail are captured in every piece, transforming mere designs into tangible masterpieces.

 A Symphony of Shapes: Unveiling Our Wedding Band Categories

As you embark on this journey of selecting the perfect wedding band, our extensive catalog presents a captivating array of styles to match every bride’s unique personality and preference:

Women's Wedding Bands Catalog
  1. Round Wedding Bands: Timeless Elegance

Embodying the enduring symbol of everlasting love, our round wedding bands exude timeless elegance. Choose from classic common prong settings for a touch of sophistication, or explore designs incorporating dazzling halos or delicate bead settings for added sparkle.

  1. Princess Wedding Bands: Modern Sophistication

For brides seeking a modern twist, our princess cut wedding bands offer a captivating square silhouette that flatters the finger. We feature a variety of prong settings, including the classic 4-prong and the innovative channel setting, to enhance the brilliance of the center stone.

  1. Marquise Wedding Bands: Vintage Glamour Redefined

Embrace a touch of vintage glamour with our marquise cut wedding bands. This elongated shape creates an illusion of slenderness and adds a touch of drama to any look. Empire Casting House offers a range of setting styles, including the bezel setting for a modern aesthetic or the classic bar setting to accentuate the marquise’s unique form.

  1. Emerald Wedding Bands: Timeless Sophistication

Embrace timeless elegance with our emerald cut wedding bands. This rectangular gem boasts a captivating brilliance, accentuated by our selection of prong settings and sleek channel settings that offer a touch of contemporary flair.

  1. Oval Wedding Bands: Softness and Grace Embodied

A touch of softness and grace is embodied in our oval cut wedding bands. Our collection offers a variety of setting options, from the secure 4-prong setting to the dazzling halo setting, to perfectly complement the oval’s inherent beauty.

  1. Combination Wedding Bands: A Canvas for Creativity

For brides seeking a unique statement piece, our combination category offers a captivating blend of shapes and styles. Imagine dazzling emerald cuts paired with sparkling rounds or marquise cuts nestled amidst delicate channels of smaller stones. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Plain Wedding Bands: Understated Elegance

For brides who prefer a minimalist aesthetic, Empire Casting House offers a selection of plain wedding bands. Available in various metals and finishes, these bands exude a timeless sophistication that complements any engagement ring.

Wedding Bands Setting Type

Unveiling Our Setting Techniques

Beyond captivating cuts, our wedding bands are brought to life with a variety of setting techniques, each meticulously crafted to secure the center stone and enhance its brilliance:

  1. Classic & Secure: Common Prong and 4 Prong Settings

These enduring setting styles offer a secure and elegant way to showcase the center stone, perfect for brides who appreciate timeless design.

  1. Seamless Sparkle: Channel Setting and Bead Setting

Channel and bead settings provide a seamless row of smaller stones for a dazzling and sophisticated look.

  1. Enchanting Halos: Split Setting and French Pave

These intricate techniques create a captivating halo of smaller stones around the center diamond, adding a touch of glamour and fire.

  1. Modern Minimalism: Single Prong and Bezel Setting

For brides seeking a more modern aesthetic, single prong and bezel settings offer a secure and stylish way to showcase the center stone with clean lines and a minimalist approach.

  1. Maximum Brilliance: Halo and Double Row Settings

For brides who love maximum sparkle, our halo settings feature a dazzling ring of smaller stones surrounding the center diamond. The double row setting adds an extra layer of brilliance, perfect for those who crave a show-stopping look.

  1. Unique Styles: Fish Tail and Bar Settings

These unique settings offer a secure and stylish way to showcase the center stone, adding a touch of modern flair with their distinctive designs.

  1. Innovative Security: U Prong Setting

This innovative setting provides exceptional security for the center stone while maintaining a clean and elegant look, ideal for brides who prioritize both style and durability.

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With a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and variety, Empire Casting House empowers retail jewelers to offer their customers the perfect wedding band to symbolize their eternal love. Explore our extensive collection today and discover a world of exquisite designs ready to grace the fingers of brides-to-be. Contact us to discuss your wholesale needs and let us help.